Lumosa LED lighting in Zwolle

In Zwolle, 2 clubs have chosen for Lumosa LED lighting: both the hockey club and football club Hoge Laar.

At the hockey club, two blue fields are beautifully and evenly lighted with as little scattered light as possible. The hockey club is especially satisfied with their LED lighting because it’s dimmable.
This way, they’re able to switch between several types of lighting such as orientation-, training- or game lighting (250 lux).

Besides these three types of lighting, they can also choose a specific lighting for keeper’s training. Meaning only a quarter of the field will be illuminated.

The football club is also satisfied with their Lumosa LED lighting. Mainly because their energy bill has lowered thanks to dynamically switching between different scenes of lighting.

The possibility of only illuminating a quarter of the field is also something they found is pleasant.

We wish HC Zwolle and VV Zwolle much joy playing.